Synchronicity Series

"Synchronicity Series" is a stop motion animated pixilation shot and performed in Farrer Park in Little India and at The School of Art, Media, and Design in Singapore. A collective of white coats breeze through the city depicting change and transformation while ascending and descending into various urban spaces. The film is structured around two main themes: collective cooperation and animal behavior patterns. ie: bird flight patterns and schools of fish where large numbers of separate entities work together as one cooperative organism.

This 2 min video is the result of 12 consecutive weekends spent choreographing and performing group formations within specific architectural sites and spaces. Inspired by passages in Matt Ridley's book, "The Origins of Virtue: Human Instincts and the Evolution of Cooperation", Eileen and her team set out to create an ideal system which would use performance and improvisation to reveal both elements of evolution and cooperative action throughout the shooting process as well as in the final product.



evolution has provided us with an instinct to cooperate


Conjoined Disconnection

loose depiction of mitosis..

Hungama: The Laptop Project

Community Project

Hungama, the Lap Top Project, is a stop motion video made by the foreign worker’s community of Singapore. The term Hungama refers to a fuss, commotion, or celebration. This celebration is captured during an improvised collaboration between Eileen, a laptop, and generous volunteers throughout the street and in the shops of Little India. The result is an energetic trail of faces ‘influx’, which culminate into a video portrait of Little India on bustling Sunday Nights. Special thanks to Aktar Hossain and all the volunteers on Beech Street. The promo can be seen here:


A clip of what was shot last weekend.

Raised Statue

Here's the troop looking mighty fine in a colorized world. I've noticed that people take the most photographs of them when their umbrellas are up. Maybe all they are doing is bringing some order and stillness within the chaos of Little India on those Sunday afternoons. The contrast is obviously felt. Thank you everybody for your efforts on Sunday. Sorry it was rained out and we had to wrap up early.

Well, as it turns out, there has been a festival going on at the park called "Raised." It will be going on for a few more weeks. A statue of a foreign worker stands to symbolize the need to raise the status of the foreign workers here in Singapore. Anyway, that is the location where we did our performance last Sunday. I thought these photos were representative of how well we are blending into the architecture here. Kind of funny. My troop, on one hand, is a spectacle capturing the gaze and curiousity of those passing by, and then on the other hand, just another thing going on in the urban space. These shots show how oblivious everyone is to them. Unfortunately, it's the slowest "performance" out there and really there isn't much action to see until it's played on screen.